Monday, April 25, 2011

Bill Mckibben and Climate Change

"Very few people can ever say that they are in the single most important place they could possibly be doing the single most important thing they could possibly be doing." --Bill McKibben

Can you say this? Can I? If our education system is not responding deeply and powerfully to the reality of climate change, then our education system is not working. In our reevaluation of what we do in our education system--curriculum, resources, pedagogy, and discipline to name few--let us put climate change center stage. It is urgent. It is crucial. 

Watch Bill Mckibben's speech from April 16th (it's only 15 minutes). He is the founder of, the advocacy group doing some of the most important work of our time. How can we take these ideas, these truths, and merge them with the education reform movement? What happens if we don't? 

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