Friday, June 28, 2013

The Future of This Blog

I love to write, to crystalize my thoughts, to share my research and observations, and hopefully to provide value to you, my audience. My interests are diverse and wide-ranging, though they generally all fall at the intersection of learning, innovation and social justice. In the past decade I've had fairly extensive experience with traveling, teaching, entrepreneurship, design, politics and leadership, and when I write, I draw from all of these domains.

That said, I truly want to provide value in the work that I do, and that extends to this blog. For that reason, over the next 2 months I am going to be deeply reflecting on the role this blog plays in my contribution to the wider world, and how I might change or improve it along those lines. In light of this process, in the coming months I may not post any new content. However, I will definitely post updates if I have any major news or exciting announcements that deserve broadcasting.

I welcome any suggestions for this blog or where to focus my attention generally--you can post here or message me through any number of services where I am easily found (Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin most prominently).

Thanks for visiting!

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